How to play a song as a ringtone

How to set a song as a ringtone. In this guide, I will explain, step by step, how to set a song as a ringtone , both in the form of Android and iPhone . Assuming that, on the contrary, the procedure to be implemented is very simple, the steps to follow are slightly different depending on the type of equipment you have. It’s definitely more intuitive on Android, but also on the iPhone, once you understand the different steps to follow, you won’t have much of a problem.

Setting a song as a ringtone on Android

Do you use a mobile phone with Android installed and want to understand how to create and set a custom ringtone? Then follow the procedure below.

Important song

To get started, you need to make sure that you have songs stored in the mobile phone’s memory (or in the microSD that you use later to expand the memory).

If you still don’t have a song on your device that you want to convert into a ringtone and you don’t know how to change it later, you can try one of the two different methods below Best Ringtones Net.

  • Install an app to download Music on Android – There are many applications of this type, but among the many I recommend you to use Tinnitus . It is a type of search engine for finding and loading songs from various hosting sites and services. To learn how the application works and any interesting applications used for this purpose, you can read my article on how to download and download music for free on Android.
  • Import music from your computer – the song you want to use as a ringtone on your Android phone on PC? No problem, just import it and go. To do this, you need to connect two devices with USB cable , you must open File Explorer / Windows Explorer Windows or start the application Android File Transfer en Mac and copy the song you are interested in to your mobile phone On one of the folders (e.g. to download). If you think you need more explanation on what to do, you can refer to my tutorial on how to connect Android to PC through which I will illustrate the various steps to be taken in detail.

Create and configure ringtones

Once you have downloaded or transferred the song of your interest to your mobile phone, you need to worry about cutting the song to make a ringtone.

Just use a special app and voila! There are many applications of this type, but there are many that I recommend that are ringtone makers from Big Bang Inc. Which is in Spanish and also very easy to use.

After downloading (from Play Store ), install and launch it on your device, wait a few moments for the application to search for all the songs on the phone and select the audio file that you want to ringtone by tapping the button Want to change. (…) Click the item next to its title and then from the Edit menu you see.

If you do not find the song you want to change a ringtone, touch the button three Horizontal lines upper left and press twice in a row scanner

Doing so will force you to scan the device memory again. If you still can’t find the song, click on the button with three horizontal lines > Browse from the drop-down menu, then to the name of the folder in which you saved the song and finally add it to the application. Click the corresponding icon to import.

After selecting the song, you will find yourself in front of the editor of the application with which to cut the song to convert it into a ringtone.

So, use the two gray indicators on either side of the graph to define the starting and ending points of the part of the audio file you want to use. If you can help, click the button to see the Play option.

To select the part of the song that will make the ringtone more precise, you can increase the graph’s zoom level by clicking right below the magnifying glass . Alternatively, you can “select” the start and end times by filling in the appropriate fields on the screen.

In all cases, remember that a ringtone should not be longer than 40 seconds.

Once the operation is complete, turn off the floppy disk to the right, check in the menu type select the selected tone , enter the name you want to assign to the custom ringtone you are going to create, And wait save .











Finally, indicate if you want to set the ringtone as the default for all calls or if you want to configure it for a particular contact by selecting the corresponding option on the screen.

If the application therefore requests your permission to make changes to the system settings, you agree.

If you do not want to use the ringtone created for calls but want to set the ringtone for notifications or alarms instead of selecting it. Remember to choose between tones . Notification o Alarm clock .

In addition to what I just said, you can set custom ringtones you just created without having to go through third party apps.

To do so, follow the ad hoc procedures below.

  • To set the generated ringtone as the default ringtone , go to the section Settings Android ( Gear ) and select the item from the Audio and Notifications opening screen. Then click the icon in front of Gear Entrance General>   Phone Call Tone and then Inside Media Storage (only once) . So, you will see a complete list of ringtones available on the device and you can choose the one you like.
  • To set a ringtone for a specific contact , start the application Contact Android and select the name of the contact that interests you, then first press the pencil in the top right corner, then on the three dotted button, select Set ringtone from the menu Select what appears and the ringtone.
  • Prepared to set ringtone as notification tone , go to the menu settings Android, Stop audio and notification press  en general, default notification sound and select warning tone.

How to set a song as a ringtone on iPhone

If you’re using an iPhone instead, you can set your preferences as a ringtone by following the specific instructions below. 

Create ringtone and import it

To convert your favorite songs into a ringtone for your iPhone, you need iTunes , Apple’s multimedia player.

You’ve already installed it on all Macs (by default, this spring bar ), while in Windows it must first be downloaded and installed.

After starting the program, once your iPhone to adjust power / dock cable to the PC, using the Go Card section of the music library Find aiti es nearest and her songs are interested in (if it is not there , you can import it by dragging its icon to the software directly to the window) and to shorten the maximum of 40 seconds (exactly a ringtone) by selecting the item, right-click on its title and information From the menu that appears

Then select the options connected with the window open, check things home final y , indicating the points of entry and the end of that part of the song in the appropriate fields that you want that you voice your iPhone ringtone and click Accept everything To save.

Select this point aiti un nearest library item song from archives in the upper left corner, select the option change from the opening menu and click Create AAC version .

If the option is not available, first click on the item iTunes (on Mac) or Edit (in Windows) in the upper left corner, select Preferences… , open Partition General, click Import Configuration … Up and Down Encoder Import using the AAC drop-down menu .

Then confirm the changes by pressing the button and get accepted .

After all of the above steps, the created ringtone will automatically be added to the ITN library.

Right-click on your title and select the item Show in Finder (on Mac) or Show in Windows Explorer (on Windows) to open the folder where it was saved.

Right-click on the file and select Rename seems to change to the extent that the menu SUMMARY m4r confirm the implementation of the changes.

If the file extension does not appear, you can correct it by referring to my article on how to display the file extension.

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Then go back to the ITS NZ library and right click on it and select the one you just created to delete the ringtone from the library from the menu that appears

In doing so, be careful to select the option Keep file / save document when asked if you want to delete the file so that the source does not delete the file as well.

Now click the name of your iPhone . Select the item in the upper left corner of the ITS vein. From the Shade Side menu, drag the newly created ringtone file to the right side of the program window and you’re done.

Click on the button to properly disconnect the iPhone from the PC. You will see the cursor moving its name in the left sidebar of the ITS .

Note: You cannot create ringtones using songs that are synced by subscribed to Apple Music because they are protected by DRM.

You don’t have a PC and the song you want to set as a ringtone is already saved on your iPhone? Even in this situation you can achieve your goal!

All you have to do is take advantage of Garagend , Apple’s application for creating and editing music that is available to your users for free. Of the many applications offered, in fact, it also integrates one through which it is possible to import songs by editing them as a ring ringtone, all working easily from your «melafonino the screen.

Just select the song to edit, cut out the part of interest, click the icon Share and select the option Set the audio duo as ringtone .

Set ringtone

Now you are finally ready to set the previously created ringtone to default for your iPhone. Then go to the latter’s home screen and click the icon Settings (wheel gear ), go to the menu Voices and Touch Comments> Ringtones and choose the name of your ringtone from the list that appears. Changes made will take effect immediately.

Find ready-to-use ringtones

Would you like to play a song as a ringtone on your mobile phone but don’t want to or can’t waste time creating it yourself? Then use one of the many specially used apps to download the download call or alert tone directly to your device, then follow the steps above to set it as default for your device. .

There are really many applications for ringtones. Of the many available, I recommend them to you in my article application for ringtones and in my tutorial free ringtones .

Also in the articles in question you will find sites on the Internet through which you can download ringtones that you can download directly from a web browser without installing anything special on your computer PC or device, and that you can use your mobile. You can import into the phone and configure it as a call or warning tone that follows the instructions I gave you earlier.

Entry yet on how to play a song as a ringtone.

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